250 TC Cotton Fitted Sheet Set / Combo troubles and wins

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We had trouble with the Fitted Sheet Set – it had so many Colour / Size variations that it was hard to manage the stock levels in our online shop.
Finally the shop itself gave up on us – the product page broke and refused to display the Combo Sheet Set properly! Mysteriously some customers managed to buy Sheet Sets from this page just recently – may be they saw it differently – don’t know…
Finally we divided it into 2 products, one with 3 colours and the other with 4 more colours. Somehow this pacified the mysterious cogwheels  of our website and now the page shows correctly ))
In the process we added new product photos, see here: 250 TC Cotton Fitted Sheet Set / Combo
Just so you know, this is the cheapest Sheet Set in our shop, the TC is only 250 and it only has a fitted sheet and 1-2 pillowcases, but it is 100% Cotton, great to have it displaying properly!

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