Cotton, my love…

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I am talking about the 100% Cotton quilt covers and pillowcases. We love them so much that we created a special category for them here: 100% Cotton Quilt Covers. In 100% Cotton, with thread count from 250 TC and smooth sateen weave, these cotton quilt covers are great for those who loves cotton bedding.

Many of these quilt covers come with reverse print, so you have 2 designs on one quilt cover and you can choose which side you like better.

Cotton is good where it touches your skin, some people can only use cotton bedding. These quilt covers can be used without flat sheet, and they are easy to wash as they have no embroidery or sequins.

The only worry is ironing – but some ladies love ironing, and there is little more pleasant than a freshly ironed cotton bedding on your bed!


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