Bedspread, Comfortspread and Comforter

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Comforters, bedspreads and comfortspreads cover the bed evenly and create a nice day look for the bedroom – they are often used for the guest bedrooms, in hotels and Bed ‘n’ Breakfast places. You can use them in your bedroom too – the only question is which type do you prefer?

What Makes a Bed? – Practical Guide

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Practises vary across the globe, but in most western cultures and in Australia the normal arrangement of sheets is fairly uniform. One or two bed sheets (fitted and/or flat), one or two pillows for practical use (depending on Standard Bed … Read More

Duvet, Quilt or Doona?

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Different names for the same thing ¬† People have given it different names over the ages, but the item itself is almost the same all around the globe – a soft, flat bag filled with some light, warm filling that … Read More

The Truth About Thread Count

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Thread count is often considered a simple measure of fabric quality, so that “standard” cotton thread counts are around 150, while good-quality sheets start at 180 and a count of 200 or higher is considered percale, or closely woven. Thread … Read More

Which Doona is right for me?

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When winter is in full swing it’s time to pile on the sheets and blankets and huddle up in bed! As BLO is based in Melbourne we know a little bit about miserable weather and what a difference the right … Read More

To Iron or Not to Iron?

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For probably as long as we have had bed linen one of the most time-consuming jobs for the home-maker was ironing it all out. The best looking beds are generally freshly made and pressed, and yet many choose not to … Read More

‘Care Instructions’ Rant

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Care Instructions have this annoying tendency of failing to distinguish between very important instructions – ones that if you fail to follow will result in your purchase suffering a severe defect – and the less important ones that just help … Read More